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#128 - Out of exhaustion

15 March 2014

The famous company that had resoundingly lost its appeal against the bankruptcy petition thought it best to appeal to the Supreme Court. The motivations are ridiculous.In practice, they force us to spend a lot more money and wait for a ruling that could take even years, only to go back...

#123 - Cassandra is my middle name

10 March 2014

It had already happened to me many years ago to predict that a company would go bankrupt, which occurred after a couple of years. No, I’m not jinxed, somehow, it was apparent the wrong direction they had taken, and I got there even though I understood little or nothing about...

#105 - Tough choices

20 February 2014

Since the last days of December last year, I have made a series of tough decisions that don’t let you sleep, bringing me to this last one.A decision that definitely takes me far away from my comfort zone, so far away that I have not felt this anxious since I...

#82 bis - 2014, I'm starting to like you

28 January 2014

I am adding this post today because my lawyer called me to give me some excellent news: the company that had appealed our bankruptcy petition has resoundingly lost it.It may not end there, but we will see it soon.The news is good because after almost four years, I may see...

#42 - But I feel nauseous

19 December 2013

Today was the famous hearing; the result is that we will know something, if it goes well, in a couple of months. I have nothing to add.

#35 - If all goes well, it closes

12 December 2013

It has been three years and eight months so far since I resigned.Three years and six months since I should have received my last salary and severance pay.This morning there will be the third hearing in the Court of Appeal to determine whether my company’s appeal against the bankruptcy petition...

The sequel of the story

03 August 2013

In this scorching August, the urge to do something, anything, passes you by at the first drop of sweat.If you are also on opioids because of the fourth episode of back pain in three years (it happened on 23 July, to remind you), things don’t get any better. However, writing...

Working for free

26 November 2012

Today I’m going to tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a nice group of people who worked for the same company. In reality, there were more than one company on paper, but the office was the same, the work was shared and those in charge as...