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In a sentence

My life now does not even remotely resemble the life I dreamed of....

Like a turkey singing I will survive

Yesterday I made my first video with the E71: the lights they put up on the Sforzesco Castle in Milan.
I like them so much that I stopped at least thrice to look at them, so making a video (which gives the idea but nothing more) was the least I could do.
Doing these things, which I have always seen others do without being able to do them myself,...

Ten July One thousand nine hundred and ninety-six

Uno strappo nelle pieghe dell'essere un acutissimo grido di dolore, sottile e penetrante una voce sofferente disse ancora? e perché?... l'universo è pieno di ferite ed ogni volta è sempre peggio ma noi conserviamo la specialissima memoria di ognuno. Per ognuno c'è un angelo... confusi i maledetti, gettati nelle vive...

Dear friend

Dear Friend
as dear as you are to me, and you are very special,
as much as I appreciate your friendship,
You cannot tame a wolf.
When he is hungry and nature has deprived him of his fruit,
then he relies on the goodness of men
But he is free and fierce....

The world

The world is not perfect, but it is beautiful precisely because it is not.
Its imperfection gives it a harmony it could not otherwise have....

The courgette

Once upon a time, a man lived with his small certainties and truths. He kept them all well in mind, like so many valuable paintings, in the room of his brain.
One morning, while he was waking up and still in bed, a courgette suddenly appeared next to him and started talking. The man soon realised that this courgette knew how to speak and had encyclopaedic knowledge....


Life is an old
snooty and stingy:
whatever makes you believe
you have had
sooner or later
it takes it back with interest
and without much ceremony....

Proverb of the day

It doesn’t matter to be selfish
The important thing is to know it.
This is also an art....