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2024, the year of the wooden dragon

Never a joy

Hello xlthlx, how are you?

‘morning, I’m going to the dentist soon to have two wisdom teeth removed. You?


I’m hanging in there and waiting for a call for surgery on a shoulder that decided to come out ole’!


How are things in England?...

Welcome, Hardcover

After struggling for so long to export books for my plugin, I abandoned Goodreads.
Not so much for this reason, but because not having an API, even a paid one, to manage one’s own data is unacceptable.
So I tried a few alternative services, and the only one that did a perfect import from Goodreads and had a decent API was Hardcover....

And we are up to nine

Yes, nine years have passed since that day there.

No British passport, at least for now.
But if I had been told that I would be working for the same company for four years 1 and that my sweetheart would be working for a television network, I would not have believed it.
Despite everything, I am still very happy living here....

New year, renewed theme

I no longer liked the theme of my curriculum vitae site, so I vaguely refreshed it.

It is now a mix of Bootstrap and WordPress blocks, and instead of being one page, it is two pages.
I’m not crazy about it, but it’s certainly better than before.
If you see anything wrong, just give us a shout....

Happy New Year of the Wooden Dragon

This 2024 will have the usual eight days of national holidays, but it will be a leap year.
My birthday falls on a Monday, so I have already taken a day off.

Date Day of the week Public holiday 1 January Monday New Year’s Day 29 March Friday Good Friday 1 April Monday Easter Monday 6 May Monday Early May bank holiday 27 May Monday Spring bank holiday 26 August Monday Summer bank holiday 25 December Wednesday Christmas Day 26 December Thursday Boxing DayHolidays in the United Kingdom in the year 2024,