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2023, year of the lucky rabbit

(Extra)ordinary Tech Stories

This Indian Summer weekend was challenging, but we still did something beautiful: the Guided walk of Brixton Hill, a walk with a guide who told us the history of Brixton Hill. If you are ever interested, there is also a windmill around there (which has its history, very interesting too).

The temperature was less dramatic today, and my tech story on (Extra)ordinary Tech Stories came out....

Nineteen years

I’ve been using Gmail for 19 years now.
No, I haven’t stopped yet.

I wouldn’t have thought my laziness would last so long, and I thought I would have found an alternative solution long ago.
Instead, I’m still there, although I back up all emails regularly.
And speaking of backups, I finally have my external HD hooked up to the Raspberry Pi,...


The immensity (of the fuck I give)

The immensity (of the fuck I give)

Now, I have nothing against the film, but they played the trailer in the cinema I don’t know how many times, and I couldn’t resist.


Something old, something new

Although I still haven’t finished that famous plugin, I got tired of the template for this blog.
This time I did not attempt to create an original design but copied it from another theme, Schism, which I had seen thanks to kOoLiNuS, and liked because it is minimalist.

I copied the HTML, the CSS and two JavaScripts,...

The death of Twitter

Elon Musk finally succeeded in destroying Twitter.

Since I joined 16 years ago, on 19 March 2007, there have been many whales and many remakes, but then at some point, it stabilised, and became my favourite social network.
In the beginning, there were also lovely things like Twitter Lingo, which I had done a translation of,...

23rd of June

On 23 June 1998, 25 years ago, I graduated in Philosophy. Many little things went wrong, but I was thrilled because it was over; I had the degree in my pocket.

On 23 June 2016, 7 years ago, there was the infamous referendum on the UK remaining in the European Union.

On 23 June 2023, this year,...

I see people on holiday

I have done everything in such a rush over the last few days that I haven’t had time to realise that I am officially on holiday.

The heat broke out here, in the sense that it went from near-winter cold to oppressive heat without passing the start.

Right now I’m sipping a Spritz while I’m getting a pedicure,...