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2023, year of the lucky rabbit

Goodbye, 2023

I wouldn’t know how to define the year that is ending, except that it has been a year with ups and downs.
I have written 25 posts this year, including this one, around two a month.
After being promoted to Senior Developer last year, this year was also the year of the salary increase (after nine months since the promotion)....

26 October 1933 - 27 December 2023

I felt I had to write something here about my mother, who passed away four days ago. She was 90 years old and had had Alzheimer’s for more than 15 years. She died of natural causes, and she did not seem to be suffering.

My mother was a person of the last century for many reasons.
Born in Poggio Sannita,...

e-Vote, you are doing it right

On 20 November, the Ministry of the Interior sent us an email to let us know that they would open voting on e-Vote, the portal for simulating the digital vote of Italians abroad.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that by virtue of your digital identity you will be able to participate in the first e-voting simulation to be carried out by the Ministry of the Interior on 13 and 14 December....

WordCamp Verona 2023

I didn’t dare to watch the film of my talk at WordCamp, and I don’t think I will in the future. But I can say that it was a wonderful experience, so much so that I am planning to go to WordCamp Europe next year in Turin.

I didn’t attend as many talks as I would have liked,...

Service Notice

The year was 2014, and your heroine had purchased a PayPal Prepaid from Feltrinelli RED in Milan.
It had turned out to be quite a hoax, so when the expiry notice came in November 2017, and I had used it only once, I made it expire and goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.
I remembered that there was still some change left on the card,...

Brand new

On Monday, 18 September, I went to the consulate to renew my passport.

Not being in a particular hurry, I did it in the afternoon (they do urgent ones in the morning).
Apart from forgetting my old passport at home (luckily I was early and my sweetheart was wonderful enough to bring it to me), and having to prepare everything they ask you to bring beforehand,...

(Extra)ordinary Tech Stories

This Indian Summer weekend was challenging, but we still did something beautiful: the Guided walk of Brixton Hill, a walk with a guide who told us the history of Brixton Hill. If you are ever interested, there is also a windmill around there (which has its history, very interesting too).

The temperature was less dramatic today, and my tech story on (Extra)ordinary Tech Stories came out....