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2022, year of the tiger

Goodbye, 2022

Goodbye, 2022; you have been a good year.

You gave us two more holidays: on 3 June, the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday and on 19 September, the Bank Holiday for the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.
The Queen indeed passed away, but she had time to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee and to celebrate it without the restrictions of the pandemic....

Merry Christmas


Bonus: I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek – The Go’s

And finally, a great classic.

Being a senior developer

To recap: as I had already written, the move from Helpful Digital to dxw was not of my own volition, and I had lost the role I had.
Last Friday, I was promoted to Old Programmer (Senior Developer). It’s also true that the role is a bit different: for example, I wasn’t a line manager in Helpful, I didn’t mentor anyone,...

Coming of age

I don’t know how long this post has been in draft, with its date and time already predefined.
And it is also one of the few that have been published after being in the draft: by now, I have lost count of those that have gone straight to the bin instead.
There are still some posts in my mind that I would like to write,...

Starting the day has become complicated

You feed your two black cats, Petula and Gigi, taking care that they don’t fight each other. Then comes the stray cat, renamed Tigger, and don’t you want to give him something to eat too? And the two squirrels arrive, one of which is pregnant.
Then, perhaps, you can have breakfast too....

Will there be life after death?

It’s not a philosophical question, although that is my field.
It is more of a concrete question: I had heard of human composting some time ago, but I thought it was futuristic.

Instead, it already exists: it is done, for example, by a Seattle-based company that specialises in the service.

The process begins when our staff lay your loved one’s body into a Recompose vessel surrounded by wood chips,...

For Christmas, send me your wishlists

I had already written about it eight years ago, but some still do not know that it exists and how it works.
Amazon provides a universal wishlist, i.e. you can create one or more wishlists where you can place products from any site.
Over time, other services have popped up that do the same thing: Thing To Get Me,...

Ready for winter

So, the flu vaccine was done last Monday, and the fourth COVID-19 vaccine was done last Saturday.
Even the cat had her vaccine on Friday.
Let it not be said that we were not prescient.

And after the vaccine, we took a tour of the newly renovated Battersea Power Station.
Unfortunately, however, today, or rather tonight,...