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2020, year of the rat

And then the coronavirus came

At midnight on April 8, after 76 days, the quarantine of Wuhan, the Chinese city where the coronavirus epidemic started (SARS-CoV- 2), which so far has caused more than 80 thousand deaths worldwide.

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When I booked the tickets for the Bauhaus concert, which miraculously was the same day as my birthday, and I asked my brother if he was coming with me,...

The fifth magic number

I’m turning fifty today.

For those of my generation, the goals of a person my age would have been buying a house, getting married, having children, having a good job, and preparing for retirement.

According to these criteria, I would be almost a complete failure: I never bought a house, I never married, I can no longer have children,...

Friday the 13th

Today is my first day of smart working, highly recommended by my company, due to Coronavirus COVID-19.

March 21st, I can finally try to do Settled Status
March 27th, last day of work in Helpful Digital
March 30th, first day of work in dxw digital, from home, that they closed the company for at least a month
April 8,...


This post is dedicated to hard smokers like me, those who still smoke almost a pack of cigarettes a day, and who have smoked for many years (I’m at 37).

I had tried e-cigarettes more than once, but they didn’t give me any satisfaction, and they gave me an unpleasant feeling.

One fine day about a month ago,...

Five years

Today is five years from that day when terrified and happy we chose to come and live in London.

I am still happy to live here, for many reasons; I’ll try to list some of them.

London is for me the closest to the ideal city: aesthetically beautiful, genuinely multicultural, full of events, exhibitions,...

UNsettled Status

Source: Prof Tanja Bueltmann on Twitter

Funny things at the beginning of the year

Yesterday afternoon, also thanks to their newsletter, I played the National Lottery, buying a £10 EuroMillions ticket.
Since I was there, I had a look around at the other games, in particular to the Instant Win Games.
Aside from having tried the Monopoly, which is very cute, I played £5 in a sort of scratch card game; and I won £15 in two attempts....