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WordCamp Verona 2023

I didn’t dare to watch the film of my talk at WordCamp, and I don’t think I will in the future. But I can say that it was a wonderful experience, so much so that I am planning to go to WordCamp Europe next year in Turin.

I didn’t attend as many talks as I would have liked, but I really enjoyed the ones I did see.
For example, FSE: where do I start? by Gloria Liuni, The day I became an Open Source software developer by Dennis Ploetner, Is the world of online shops with WordPress really changing? by Marco Nicastro, and WCAG 2.2: here we go! What’s changing for accessibility? by Stefano Minoia.
I highly recommend seeing their speeches if you can.

I enjoyed seeing people I met before, meeting new people, and having many useful and futile chats.
The common thread, especially when it came to talking about work, was always that workers in Italy tend to be mistreated, exploited, and underpaid.
I was in that hellhole myself before 2015, so I am sorry to hear that things have not changed, and I feel sorry for these people who are intelligent and capable and deserve better.
But I also feel very happy that I chose to escape that hell.
I would like, as usual, to be able to convince someone to make a choice similar to mine, but I realise the problems and limitations. In any case, if anyone ever needs any tips, I am always available.

I also wanted to thank the WordCamp organisers and volunteers, who were wonderful. Thank you very much indeed!


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