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Brand new

On Monday, 18 September, I went to the consulate to renew my passport.

Not being in a particular hurry, I did it in the afternoon (they do urgent ones in the morning).
Apart from forgetting my old passport at home (luckily I was early and my sweetheart was wonderful enough to bring it to me), and having to prepare everything they ask you to bring beforehand, i.e. Postal Order made out to the Italian Consulate General, the completed application form, two passport photos, and a Special Delivery registered envelope, it was all relatively painless, they were swift, and I finished in a few minutes.
I was told it would arrive at my house (sent with the abovementioned envelope) in two to three weeks.
Instead, to my delight, the new passport arrived on Tuesday, the 26th, just over a week.

The first thing I did, of course, was update my data on the UK government website so I could finally go abroad without too many problems.

Most importantly, I will be able to go to WordCamp Verona on 17 and 18 November.
I would love to greet you in person in case any of you are there on those days.

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