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Something old, something new

Although I still haven’t finished that famous plugin, I got tired of the template for this blog.
This time I did not attempt to create an original design but copied it from another theme, Schism, which I had seen thanks to kOoLiNuS, and liked because it is minimalist.

I copied the HTML, the CSS and two JavaScripts, one for the navigation menu and the other for the titles.
I reworked the CSS, added the dark mode, and converted the two JavaScripts from jQuery to pure JavaScript (I don’t use jQuery in the front end of this blog). The HTML is also not precisely the same, and I added some things that were not there in the original theme. I have completely removed the external fonts, leaving only the system fonts.

Everything else, i.e. what’s underneath, is the old code, with a few differences but essentially unchanged. The only real change is that I have completely removed the link to Twitter and the buttons for sharing on social; this is also to avoid having their cookies by visiting this blog.

I’m delighted with the result, to be honest, especially since it went from 393KB to 303KB and from 12 requests to 7 (simply put: it’s faster).


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