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The death of Twitter

Elon Musk finally succeeded in destroying Twitter.

Since I joined 16 years ago, on 19 March 2007, there have been many whales and many remakes, but then at some point, it stabilised, and became my favourite social network.
In the beginning, there were also lovely things like Twitter Lingo, which I had done a translation of, and you could also send tweets via SMS, and read Tweets via instant messaging.
Those things disappeared, but then Twitter also developed Bootstrap on it, and it had made up for it a bit.

Since Musk bought it, as is well known, things have rapidly deteriorated, users have migrated to Mastodon, and more recently to Threads, but neither, for me, can replace Twitter: Mastodon is too decentralised, and Threads, frankly, the idea of having another account managed by Facebook (Meta), just no.

Today, the little blue bird in the logo has disappeared, and there is an X in its place.
And, swear words aside, I was reminded of this song.

Sweetie pie?
No, x!
Honey bunch?
No, x!
Bubble butt?
No, x!
Pumpkin face?

Smash Mouth, Pet Names

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