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Stray Sheep Poe Screen Mate

Again for the series: having nothing better to do, I added a button with a sheep icon to this blog.
A million years ago, when I was still using Windows, there was this little program (screen mate) that made a little sheep appear to run around the screen. I, who have always liked this sort of thing, had it until I switched to Linux, much to my chagrin that I could not get it to work correctly there.
I’m talking about that little 16-bit Windows Screen Mate Poe programme released in 1996, based on the work of Japanese animator Tatsutoshi Nomura’s 1994 series Stray Sheep, made up of five-minute animated shorts broadcast at midnight on the Fuji television network in Japan. A decade later, a series of Nomura books and hundreds of other merchandising products came out.
A few days ago, I came across a repository on GitHub that provides a JavaScript version of the sheep in question. I couldn’t resist, of course.
This version of Blobfolio does not treat the page elements as if they were Windows windows, so the sheep only stops at the browser window. I preferred this version because it is much lighter and works better than another one I found soon after by Adrianotiger.
Clicking on the icon activates it and remains active until you click on it again; if you change pages without deactivating it, it will still be there. It is not possible to activate more than one.
Beware that it also has sound, so if you leave it free to graze, you will hear it sneeze, yawn or bleat sooner or later. Forewarned is forearmed etc.


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