I don’t know how long this post has been in draft, with its date and time already predefined.
And it is also one of the few that have been published after being in the draft: by now, I have lost count of those that have gone straight to the bin instead.
There are still some posts in my mind that I would like to write, but in the end, I never do.
But having my virtual place where I can write if and when I want has always been nice.

In the meantime, I finally finished converting all the posts to the block editor and fixing the old external links.
In doing so, I reread some posts, but this one jumped out at me: the idea of making it to ten and then quitting, or, as in the comments, marvelling at the thought of making it to eighteen.

Instead, here we are.
Happy birthday, blog. Don’t ask me to get a driving licence now, as I have no money for a car anyway, eh?