I imagine that each person has their particular way of relaxing: take a walk, go to the beach, pursue their hobby, and so on.
The undersigned instead takes up this blog and does things. In this case, it is now possible to browse the blog entirely in English, from the homepage to the categories, up to the search. No, I haven’t used a plugin. If you notice anything odd, let me know.
In the meantime, I’m finishing up the category translations, reviewing the automatic translations of old posts, and converting them to Gutenberg at the same time. It will take a long time to finish.
Speaking of Gutenberg, besides being Towel Day, WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” was out yesterday.
I have yet to explore all the possibilities of Full Site Editing fully, but the plan is to try to make a theme that supports it.
Meanwhile, to simplify this theme, I will remove Timber; may it never be that I am left with nothing to do to relax.