But assuming yoùre not reading this in an active war zone, it doesn’t follow that you need to mentally inhabit those stories, all day long. It doesn’t make you a better person – and it doesn’t make life any easier for Ukrainian refugees – to spend hour upon hour marinating in precisely those narratives over which you can exert the least influence.

In short: I think it really is OK to shift your center of psychological gravity back from the news cycle to the world around you. The question is… how?

The Imperfectionist, Becoming news-resilient

I am not writing anything about the war in Ukraine because I am not interested, but because I am convinced that my opinion is entirely superfluous. What I found helpful, at least for me, is what is written in the latest edition of The Imperfectionist (I highly recommend subscribing to the newsletter).

To take any relevant concrete actions you can, such as donating to Ukraine. And then to step away and move on.