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The year of the water tiger

This year was a bit of a bovine one.
Not a great year. Brexit is going badly, as expected.
I spent my second birthday in lockdown, and something tells me next year will be my third.
We did three vaccines for COVID-19, and it looks like wèll be doing more.
I haven’t been back to Italy in more than two years....

And we got rid of this Christmas too

As usual, there were too many gifts under the tree, but thanks to everyone who gave them to us. More than any other year, I realized how much I love giving gifts, more than receiving them; I will equip myself for next year.

The new year is approaching, and I have found, among the thousands of newsletters that I receive,...

Welcome, Very Peri

Therefore. Pantone has designated the color for 2022, and describes it as a new Pantone color whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.

I find it splendid, very much in my heart, and so I decided to redo the colors of this blog based on Very Peri.



The corporate Christmas middle school party

I am writing it here as a mental note to remind me before the next party.
I have never liked company parties; I have always found them somewhat hypocritical.
In recent years in the UK, I have tried to participate in any case, more than more to get to know my colleagues outside of work.
I still remember the first Christmas party with terror,...

Love in the time of COVID-19

The last two years have been difficult for everyone, and I’m not the only one who thought it would probably be a good idea to legally define the relationship with their partner (marriage and the like).
Better safe than sorry, they say.

So, since friends and relatives live in Italy, we thought it would be easier to have a civil partnership here in London,...

Update post count for taxonomies in WordPress

This is a trick that has been useful to me many times, especially when I have had to import data from some other source. In this example the function retrieves all the taxonomies that are not those integrated into WordPress, but only the customized ones. By changing the _builtin parameter of get_taxonomies from false to true,...

Block some plugins from updating in WordPress

In this example, the update is blocked for Akismet and Classic Editor, but it can be used with any plugin. Don’t do this unless you have no alternatives....

/** * Block some plugins from updating * * @param array $parsed_args * @param string $url * * @return array * @throws JsonException */function wporg_block_update_specific_plugins( $parsed_args, $url ) { $blocked_plugins = ( 'akismet/akismet.php',

No title.

  • Whenever there is a meeting, it takes an average of 20/30 minutes to regain proper attention to the code to be developed. It would be very nice if this were taken into consideration.
  • If in the 15 minutes of morning stand-up with the customer, the question is always: this thing you are working on, how is it going?
  • ...