This year was a bit of a bovine one.
Not a great year. Brexit is going badly, as expected.
I spent my second birthday in lockdown, and something tells me next year will be my third.
We did three vaccines for COVID-19, and it looks like we’ll be doing more.
I haven’t been back to Italy in more than two years.

2021 in numbers:

12 events from The Guardian Live (online)
Two concerts (1 online)
7 exhibitions / events / fairs
Five films at the cinema
247 hours of TV series
64 hours of films

Habemus Electronic Identity Card, miraculously.
The best thing of the year was the civil partnership, mostly because I saw relatives and friends again.

Civil union apart, if next year it were like this, I would not complain after all.
Because, as they say, there is never an end to the worst.

Happy New Year to you all, and we hope this tiger brings us a little luck.