It’s amazing how pretty much all the plugins I’ve tried to get a newsletter on WordPress, even the one I’ve used for a while, are basically a kind of cancer: invasive in the admin interface, billions of mostly useless options, a bunch of additional tables on the database (one of them had 30. THIRTY. No, that’s not a joke), and finally totally incompatible with AMP. The historical one I used for the comments wasn’t great either, but it only had one table. Then I took a good look at the code, and I got it wrong.

Instead, I wanted something simple, with a form to be filled in with a single field (email), which sends the confirmation for the subscription, sends an email to the subscribers when a new post is published, and the email contains a link to cancel registration (and all related data).

Since it seems impossible to find one like this, I decided that the simplest thing was to write the code to do it, at least partially.

Since time immemorial, I have been using a plugin to make very minimal forms, with which I am fine, never given a problem, and perfectly compatible with AMP.
By the same author of the plugin, there is another one that saves the content of the form.
I used those two plugins and some ad hoc code, and now I hope there aren’t too many bugs.

To subscribe to comments, I’m using another plugin, which is not ideal, but at least it is simple and not at all annoying, and I could easily customize the additional field used in the comment form.

In the meantime, I have changed a lot of little cosmetic things, and many more under the hood, as usual.
I cross my fingers now, hoping that everything works out.