• Whenever there is a meeting, it takes an average of 20/30 minutes to regain proper attention to the code to be developed. It would be very nice if this were taken into consideration.
  • If in the 15 minutes of morning stand-up with the customer, the question is always: this thing you are working on, how is it going? I don’t see the point of first writing at what point that thing is and possibly changing its state.
  • If there were already general meetings done in a certain way, it is probably because those meetings worked well. I miss the sense of changing them, and above all, I miss the sense of making them 3 times longer.
  • If I wanted to spend my days in meetings, I wouldn’t be a programmer.
  • If you put me in a meeting at lunchtime, you don’t tell me that, unfortunately, the customer only has time at that moment: you tell the customer that the team is not available at that time.

There are many unspoken things on this list, and they are all very unkind. I hope it is appreciated that I didn’t write those.

(Yes, today is one of those days. But also yesterday, the day before yesterday, tomorrow, etc.)