What were we saying about Facebook?
Obviously, I changed my mind.

I have deleted (almost) all the posts on my profile, leaving only the basic information.
I’m still there, I stop by, see your posts, sometimes I put a like.
I realized that I pass less and less often, and it is not that I have increased my presence elsewhere, for example, on Twitter.

I said I had deleted almost all the posts, but Facebook is not of the same idea: every now and then, something comes up, like a regurgitation.
I don’t want to know what kind of disaster there is in that code; I just wish that, if I say to delete a post, that it was really deleted.

Life goes on here as usual.
The British go out of their way to really look like non-EU nonsense fools ™, but then luckily, they also know how to be lovable.

I forgot: at the end of June I will change job.
I don’t know if I have ever explained it, but the transition from Helpful Digital to dxw was not my will: it was a sale of a part of the company, 4 people ( including myself) and the customers. For me, it also meant that I lost the role I had (Senior Developer); they didn’t make me a permanent contract before the sale or even after. If you are reading a little bitterness in these words, it is not just your impression.

On Thursday 27th, I had the second vaccine. Yesterday, as expected, I was sick.

In short, everything is fine.