The AstraZeneca is strong with me, as I have already written.

What I didn’t tell is how I got there to get the vaccination.
March 14th, I get an SMS from LambethHubs saying:
Your GP Practice has invited you to book your COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Great, my sweet half has already done it (Pfizer); I book for Saturday 20 March.

Meanwhile, another SMS from NHSvaccine arrives on March 17 that says:
NHS – You are now eligible for your free NHS coronavirus vaccination.

Yes, I get it, okay. I have already booked; I ignore the SMS.

Another SMS arrives on March 19th from GSTT.NHS.UK, which says:
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust are inviting you to have your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at one of our hospitals.

Understood, thanks; I’ll get the vaccine tomorrow, huh.

I got the vaccine on Saturday, March 20.
Sunday, using a technical term, I felt like shit: in fact, I have a fever over 38, pain, nausea, loss of appetite, headache, and all the side effects that, according to the vaccine leaflet, it is found in 1 in 100 people (and here the blasphemy triggers).

Today I am on my second day of sickness; luckily, I feel better, apart from the point where I have been injected with the vaccine that is swollen and sore.

Today a paper letter arrived from the NHS.
The candidate should describe the content of the letter.