Yesterday was the anniversary of our arrival in London: six years have passed. Compared to last year, it has not changed so much, apart from the pandemic.

The thing that has really changed is that Brexit has become a reality: this is going so well, that Ben Fletcher, the policy director of Make UK, which represents manufacturers across the UK, referred to the first month of Brexit as the fifth circle of Dante’s Inferno.

This year I could embark on the long and expensive journey (1330 pounds only to apply) to get citizenship and a beautiful blue passport, but I’m not that convinced for now.

Like many other migrants, we didn’t go to Italy even one day last year, and we won’t be going there anytime soon (the last time was in November 2019). But I can’t say that I miss Italy itself: I miss friends and relatives.

And if I had stayed, or returned to Milan, I certainly would not have been in a small house with a garden, cats and squirrels, but in a nice condominium, with a poor balcony at best, with neighbours who make loud noises at any time.

However, if in Europe and beyond there is a beautiful economic crisis due to the pandemic, here in the UK the crisis is worse due to Brexit, and its effects are beginning to be also felt on the job market.

Let’s see how goes over the next few months, but the prospects aren’t exactly rosy.

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