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New year, new theme

Warning: this article was written over 3 years ago, some information may be out of date.

The new year’s list of good intentions was very short: just one, to finish the new theme for this blog by January 3.
And here it is, in all its glory: based on the official Timber starter themeand Bootstrap 5, as well as boot, the starter theme that you find shared in my GitHub profile.
I have also added two nice libraries that I have found very useful lately: Extended CPTS library, to register post types custom and taxonomies, and CMB2 for custom fields, forms, theme options.

Two words on the starter theme: it is not a framework, it is not a complete theme, it is a base on which to build, as I did, your own theme. Not recommended for those who are unable to create a theme from scratch, but highly recommended for those who want to see how Timber works.

It must also be said that they did a nice job with Bootstrap 5, and it is much easier to use and much more complete.

It has been a while since I didn’t like the previous theme anymore, and instead, this is much more my cup of tea.
I hope you like it.

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