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Death to 2020

Next will be a somewhat bovine year, says the Chinese horoscope.
And that’s okay: after 2020, a placid year would be just right for us.

The last stroke of bad luck of 2020 was kindly offered to us by the storm Bella, which knocked down the garden tree. And as I write this,...

There is always a first time (reprise)

For work, I often write plugins for WordPress that I have never been able to use or show publicly, for obvious reasons.
Since May 2013, I have been planning to write a plugin to distribute through the directory of WordPress.
I started writing it and created a repository on GitHub in January 2014.

Since then, for various reasons,...

My policy on Facebook (update)

My Facebook profile has gone public. I am aware of the fact that writing something online still means losing control of it, and therefore I have decided that most of what I have written and will write can easily be visible to anyone. I’ve also been open to Google search, friend requests, and public comments.

Over time, I will also make the old posts public: I am doing it day by day using the memories of the day function....

I've got some bad news for you sunshine


One morning, I woke up (ahem) with this song in my head for an absolutely unknown reason.
It’s been almost two months since it doesn’t want to leave (because sometimes they come back, in the sense that I have listened to the album billions of times since it came out).

Not just this song,

Nice, Gutenberg, but I wouldn't live there.

At work, until now, I had never used Gutenberg, the WordPress block editor; finally, since last week, I am working on a project that foresees it.
All good, were it not for some details: like that the popup of the tips and the full-screen mode come back on like a regurgitation if you dare to wipe the cache.
I’m not going into the (long) discussion about it;...

WordCamp Milan 2019

I realized that not only have I never written a post on WordCamp Milan 2019, but I have never even shared the slides. And in short, here they are.

Sviluppare temi con Timber e Twig...

There is always a first time

I am only writing it now, because my laziness this year has become almost proverbial, at least as far as writing and reading are concerned: on Sunday 9th August a wasp stung me.

It had never happened to me before, and I’m reasonably sure of it because I don’t remember a sharp, stinging pain like that.

Luckily I had the quick wit to extract the sting,...