Next will be a somewhat bovine year, says the Chinese horoscope.
And that’s okay: after 2020, a placid year would be just right for us.

The last stroke of bad luck of 2020 was kindly offered to us by the storm Bella, which knocked down the garden tree. And as I write this, it occurs to me that the year is not over yet, and maybe that is not the last (you never know).

We have a vaccine, and we have an agreement with the European Union.
But here in the UK it looks like they have already started playing games with vaccine distribution, and the deal, well, it’s not a no-deal, but I’d say the benefit ends there.
Any deal outside Union cannot be better than being part of the Union, and I hope that ordinary people will wake up and realize that. Some of them already have.

Today at 11 pm GMT UK will officially exit the EU, after the parliament voted 521 to 73 in favour of the deal yesterday. We are ready, and we have stocked up with everything that is strictly necessary.

Let’s hope for the best, let’s prepare for the worst.

P.S. The title of the post is also the title of this film recently released on Netflix. Watch it if you can, I found it very cathartic.


It was a bliss.

Ah, yeah, I forgot: Happy New Year.