For work, I often write plugins for WordPress that I have never been able to use or show publicly, for obvious reasons.
Since May 2013, I have been planning to write a plugin to distribute through the directory of WordPress.
I started writing it and created a repository on GitHub in January 2014.

Since then, for various reasons, I have never finished it, even though it has often served me as a code example for job interviews.

I’m not sure why, but I finally decided to finish it: I sent it on July 27th at 6:25 pm, and it was approved on July 28th at 8:26 pm. Not bad, considering that the guide says it takes up to 14 days.

A new version of WordPress came out soon after, and so I had to check the compatibility of my plugin. But while I was there, I also made other changes.
In short, from version 1.0, I went to version 1.1.2.

The plugin is called WP INCI, and you can find it here:

So far, it has been downloaded a hundred times, but the active installations are less than a dozen. This does not surprise me: it is very niche, although I hope that despite everything there is someone who can help it.

To understand what it does, it is much easier to look at the gifs I have attached on the plugin page; but if it is still not clear, I say that it is much easier to set tables like this one, which then is nothing more than a list of ingredients of a cosmetic (INCI, in fact).

And yes, in the meantime, I also changed the layout of this blog, removing all the images: they are useless if not to make the page thicker.