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Lysoform Crude saga

I admit, on some things I’m a little bit fixated (like everyone else). In this case, I am talking about the fact that to clean the bathroom I have always used a specific product, the Lysoform Crude.

The main reason is that not only does it clean well and does not make too much foam, but disinfects and leaves a good smell....

So long, Tumblr

Yesterday I suffered so much from not being able to participate in the Peoplès Vote March, because of acute backache that has been tormenting me for a week.
Maybe it’s also why I decided to move all my Tumblr posts to a third-level domain (btw, deleting all posts from the Tumblr is not so easy, importing them instead is simple,...

Inside and outside

In the last few weeks, in my spare time, I have finally put into practice an idea that I have had for so many years that I don’t even remember how many: translate posts into English, but not with a plugin.

Specifically, I had in mind just what you see here: not to translate the whole site, but just to give the possibility to quickly see the same post in two languages ​​by clicking on a tab....

And it's four

Sono passati quattro anni. Sembra ieri, ma qui a Londra ormai mi sento a casa. Per quanto riguarda la Brexit, una sola certezza: comunque vada, sarà un disastro.

Scaringly actual

Qualche giorno fa ho riscoperto un album che non ricordavo di aver ascoltato fino alla nausea, all'epoca. Sto ascoltando di nuovo una delle canzoni di quell'album perché è del 1986, ma è spaventosamente attuale.