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Happy New Year of the white metal rat

Year of the white metal rat

2020 starts badly: year of the rat, “animal associated with aggression, wealth, charm and order, but also with death, war, the occult, the plague and atrocities”, and also bissextile year, baleful year.
The English definition would seem better: leap year.

It will also be the year of Brexit of the United Kingdom exit from Europe.

Merry Christmas

Also this year the time has come for “you and your family”.
I wrote very little this year, I would have liked to write a post on the WordCamp Milano but I postponed so much that it was Christmas. Maybe next year.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who sent gifts: thank you, really, you didn’t have to,...

Happy #blogversary

Today this blog is 15 years old.
How time passes when you have fun.
(I’m not in the psycho-physical condition of writing something sensible, bare with me.)...

Settlement Scheme

For those who do not know it yet, if you are a European citizen who lives in the UK, to maintain your rights after the Brexit (because if you first have jumped the queue, now instead you must do it) you have to apply (not register, apply and hope for the best*) the so-called settled status (EU Settlement Scheme)....

Dover and its cliffs

Yesterday and the day before we took two days off from London, in the beautiful town of Dover.

In short, the loot of these two days, in no particular order:

  • We walked 17 + 12 km and peanuts, a good part uphill
  • The white cliffs of Dover are entirely white. It is impressive to see how the sea melts the chalk consistently (10 cm a year)
  • The castle is stunning,
  • ...

Things I learned today

If I’m so stunned that I forget my cell phone at home in the morning, it’s not a problem, phone calls aside, since I can do everything else from the browser.
Sometimes being very lazy pays you.

I finally understood what it is really for the Find My Device functionality from Google: as mentioned above, at least I’m sure I left it at home and nowhere else....

The perfect square

Like all numbers ending in nine, forty-nine is a bit of a step number, a prelude to the new integer.
It is also a bit of this year’s figure, a year of transition, expectations, and limbo.
In short, this 49 is by no means perfect, despite the nature of the number.

The last month has been quite tricky from the health point of view,...