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Happy New Year of the white metal rat

Year of the white metal rat

2020 starts badly: year of the rat, “animal associated with aggression, wealth, charm and order, but also with death, war, the occult, the plague and atrocities”, and also bissextile year, baleful year.
The English definition would seem better: leap year.

It will also be the year of Brexit of the United Kingdom exit from Europe.
And it will be damage and mockery: on January 31st it is also exactly 5 years that we have arrived here in the UK.

Finally, it will be the year of my 50’s, and I’m not taking it very well.

In short, a difficult year. But I don’t want to lose hope, and I am armed with patience, and, I hope, with resilience, and these are my good intentions, which already seems to be enough to me, together with the fact that I am waiting for a few sessions at the dentist (nothing serious, just a lot of time and money).

Anyway, Happy New Year, may this will be a good omen for you all.

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