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Dover and its cliffs

Yesterday and the day before we took two days off from London, in the beautiful town of Dover.

In short, the loot of these two days, in no particular order:

  • We walked 17 + 12 km and peanuts, a good part uphill
  • The white cliffs of Dover are entirely white. It is impressive to see how the sea melts the chalk consistently (10 cm a year)
  • The castle is stunning, the Roman lighthouse also
  • I dipped my feet in the sea (cold)
  • I got a tan because most of the time it was sunny
  • I took a bottle of berry gin which is a poem
  • After resisting for 49 years, I now have a beautiful earring in my right ear
  • I slept in a four-poster bed

Today, to not miss anything, we went to the Zoo to see the penguins, and we are almost 8 km away.

That’s all, folks.

Dover's castle

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