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The perfect square

Warning: this article was written over 4 years ago, some information may be out of date.

Like all numbers ending in nine, forty-nine is a bit of a step number, a prelude to the new integer.
It is also a bit the figure of this year, year of transition, of expectations, of limbo.
In short, this 49 is by no means perfect, despite the nature of the number.

The last month has been quite difficult from the health point of view, but then I got a bit better, and especially this weekend I managed to go to WordCamp London 2019.
I was lucky and the nice to meet as many as five Italian women, all very smart, who also actively participated in the event, those who made an intervention, those who volunteered. Thanks to all!
I had the chance to see some very beautiful interventions from a more technical point of view, two above all: the first intervention of the morning in Track A and the first in the afternoon in Track C (and I highly recommend taking a look at both).

In short, my mood has returned, and I realized again how much I am lucky (above all to have my half sweet).

I hope that the day of relaxation I received today (day off, afternoon at the Spa, with manicures, pedicures and scrubs) is pleasant as I expect.
Best wishes to me , and a huge thank you to all those who have sent gifts (but you have exaggerated eh, they have it next I recommend you do the good ones).

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