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Happy New Year

This year has been a difficult year, not so much because negative things have happened, but because I managed to complicate my life alone. I also wrote very little, maybe one of the years I wrote less, even though I had many drafts that at this point no longer makes sense to publish.
But since I’m a lucky girl,...


How time passes, when you have fun.
Today, this blog is fourteen years old, even if lately I’m neglecting it a lot. There is no shortage of news or topics to write about, but just the concentration and, often, the words.
Even now when I speak English I mix English words without wanting it, and I have the impression of having forgotten my mother tongue....

Mind blowing

If eleven years ago, while listening in the loop this song, they told me that they would release a new record, and that I would see them live in London a stonés throw from home, and that they would include that song in the lineup, I would definitely have thought of a joke.
And instead, the unimaginable happened, the concert was amazing (apart from the boring Irish boy band),...

PuroBIO Cosmetics Compact Foundation

Since bareMinerals has no longer produced its compact foundation, I have been in crisis. Until now, I have used the loose mineral, looking for the right colour and coverage for me. Still, the problem remains that, however careful you are, you always find yourself with powder everywhere, and the time to apply the foundation well increases.

After trying unsuccessfully some other compact foundations,...

Advice for reading / listening

What follows is my personal opinion. No one is obliged to follow my advice, but I hope it is useful at least to make someone think.

I’ve left the television for so long that I do not even remember how much has passed. I recommend everyone to use it just to watch Netflix, or at least try to do it for a while,...

Nice to know you, goodbye

The time has come, after almost two months, to talk about that personal hurricane that I mentioned in the last post.

The decision to go back to singles after 10 years has been extremely painful. I need a break.

I have deactivated the Facebook profile, I do not think I’ll write here, maybe I’ll use Twitter anyway,...

48, dead speaking *

In the last month, in addition to the international hurricane, I experienced my personal hurricane.
Last year I said it was a difficult time but I had begun to be optimistic again; this year, despite everything, I am still optimistic, but it is still a difficult period, albeit in a different way.
In common there ‘that I always have to exercise my patience,...