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Happy Easter to you who believe in it

Living in London also means dealing with different cultures and religions, much more frequently than in many other cities around the world. It’s a side of living here that I really like very much, because in some way it forces you not to take a lot of things for granted, including the religion or beliefs of those in front of you.
I’ve already written here that I’m agnostic, so this variety of differences forces me to put my agnosticism into practice.
And that’s why for me Easter has the same value as Persian New Year: I try to inform me about what it means and how to celebrate, I respect those who believe in it, I offer my best wishes.
But as you would not wish me for the Persian New Year, perhaps it is the case that you do not even make me those of Easter: for me, it simply means that I do 2 days off (Good Friday, Friday before Easter, and Easter Monday, Easter Monday).
And then, Happy Easter, to you who believe in it.

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