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Forty-six is a bit of a number; it tastes neither like meat nor fish. And the balance of my life at the moment is a bit of the same, although, over everything, there are plans for the future and the possibility that they can be realised with a lot of effort and a bit of luck. I think I have already said this, but in case I repeat myself, Italy has taken away even the hope of being able to realise specific plans; here, those plans can become a reality.
It is not a detail but a fundamental difference; it is the engine of everything I am doing and the cushion to tolerate adversity.

Here you may find an offer on LinkedIn; you can’t believe your eyes because it seems to be made just for you and the company ‘is one of the biggest companies in the cosmetics, perfume and skin and hair care market’; send in your CV and receive a reply in 25 minutes.
Facing a phone interview, then 4 hours of an in-person interview, including 3 hours of testing, and another in-person interview, knowing that they went well, fearing that, given the intense competition here in London, I wouldn’t have been chosen and instead, surprise! it seems that I passed, but I’m still waiting for official confirmation, which may just come today.

The funny thing about all this is that I stopped dyeing my hair a few months ago, and now it is my original colour, a bit salt and pepper, but not as much as I expected. Apart from saving time and money, I like the idea of showing my age, and since I still have short hair anyway, it is not that noticeable. In short, I appreciate the irony that a person with salt and pepper hair who barely wears make-up has at least managed to make a good impression in a cosmetics company.

This year I gave myself two self-gifts: the first was one month ago, and I managed to get it in the corner.
I don’t remember what day it was. Still, before I left, when coming to live here was more of an idea than anything else, we were walking around what is now a Media World in Milan’s central station, in one of the departments where they display televisions. In one of them, they showed a Muse concert at the O2 in London. I clearly remember being fascinated, stopping to watch, and wishing, if we ever really moved, to go and see them there. And so it will be: on 15 April (in a week!) we will go to the O2 to see them in concert, after months of waiting.

The other self-gift is more prosaic: a new laptop. My black Mac has had a broken monitor for a long time, and I struggle to stand in front of it for more than an hour without having problems with my eyesight. And so, since I can afford it without any significant issues anyway, thanks partly to the two salary increases, I decided to get a new laptop.

There are two things I have learnt about myself recently: I am a change junkie, and despite fatigue and stress, which are becoming heavier with the years, I cannot sit still. I am probably a failed serial traveller.
And finally, I am also learning that so far, maybe because of the language or the new environment, I have not been quite myself with the people I work with, and in general, English speakers. I am re-learning how to be because it makes me feel better because I have tried, and I have seen that the people around me also appreciate it because I am more spontaneous and at ease. I will always try not to offend anyone and to take cultural differences into account at least a little, but getting together has been a pleasure, and I want to continue like this.

Finally, and then I’ll stop, I wanted to experiment this year, and I closed the Facebook wall so that no one would write. This is not out of malice, but because I find it very difficult to follow all the greetings messages if they are split up, especially the way Facebook presents them, especially in the mobile version. I hope this does not cause too many problems, and I apologise if there are any.

Happy birthday to me.

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