Usually the products of the Studio line of e.l.f. they do not shine for quality, especially if we are talking about eye shadows. Of e.l.f. I love brushes a lot, the first complete set I ever took was them. There is very little left of the mineral line, fortunately for me the lipsticks that I absolutely adore, and which I continue to recommend, have not disappeared.
But I also highly recommend these two pallets, which for consistency and durability are very similar to those of Sleek, but do not trust the colors on the site because they are a staggered thread (better take a look at the swatches).
Of the Need It Nude I find the sixth color from the right, a golden orange, spectacular with the color of my eyes (brown). Instead for my birthday I made a very revisited smokey with the second color starting from the right of Rose Gold, matching it with a silver pencil of Neve Cosmetics, which really gave me satisfaction. In this last case I brought the colors without primer and without tweaks for practically a day, and it held up very well.
Both paddles are small and practical, no stupid additional brushes, they fit comfortably in your bag. The colors are much better live and they make it really good. In short, given the quality / price ratio, I would say that I recommend spending.
To me with this purchase came the complimentary Backed Eyeshadow Palette, in the Texas variant, but it is very meh, I just tried it quickly on the hand and the yield is quite poor, but I already expected it.