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Happy New Year

This year has undoubtedly been an exceptional, unrepeatable year.
Looking back on everything that has happened, I can say that it certainly has not been an easy year; it has been very tiring but also full of satisfaction.
On 31 January next, it will be one year that we are in London and officially registered as Italians abroad....

Happy Christmas

We had decided some time ago to stay in London for the festive season to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks, and we did.
Nothing was planned for Christmas, not even a tree. When we later got one, I was convinced that there would be few packages underneath since there were three of us, including the cat.

My lucky day

It all started last Wednesday, as soon as I received my salary raise.
After work, we went halfway across London and five shops to look for the Nexus 5X, in the beautiful Ice colour, which I finally found at Selfridges.
Too bad I hadn’t considered the SIM variable, and my old SIM didn’t have the nano format, so I ended up with a half-tablet instead of a smartphone....

Happy birthday to me

I almost forgot since I haven’t written anything for over a month and a half: today, this blog is 11 years old.
Happy birthday to you.

In the meantime, we returned to Milan for a few days at the end of October, saw another piece of the Expo, which is now over, said goodbye to people we hadn’t had time to say goodbye to last time,...

And it's been three

Today it is (we should use the conditional since the civil union should no longer be valid since we are no longer residents in Milan) three years since my sweetheart and I joined civilly.
Last year we spent it in the hospital since I ended up there for a week, and I was writing:

And so happy anniversary to us,...

Thirty years ago

I had already written a post on the 20th anniversary of Italo Calvino’s death, but today I would like to add a few more thoughts.
Thirty years have passed since 19 September 1985, but the importance of this writer for me has not diminished, nor has the sorrow for his loss.
Among the books I did not give away or sell before living in London are his,...

There and back again

After almost seven months, returning to Italy was different from what I had expected.
I thought I was having a massive bout of nostalgia, thinking I wanted to come back at all costs.
But no.
Mind you; I was delighted to see my friends and relatives again and to see the places where I had lived for 15 years;...

A year ago

A year ago, my forced leave began on the first of August.
A year later, I can say it: in July, I had changed jobs, still a project contract, for one month, and even before signing, I had asked if, provided there was the will to continue the collaboration, the new contract would start in August or September. I was told that the new contract would begin immediately after the first one (I still have the emails about it,...