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Happy Christmas

We had decided some time ago to stay in London for the festive season to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks, and we did.
Nothing was planned for Christmas, not even a tree. When we later got one, I was convinced that there would be few packages underneath since there were three of us, including the cat.
Instead, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many.
And so thank you, thank you very much to all of you (you know who you are); this year, it was the thought that counted, the feeling of being close despite the distance.
I confess that at this time, I miss my old house so much, the home that is no longer there, and I miss the Christmas atmosphere around Milan, its decorated streets and lights, even though London is beautiful now. I miss wishing friends a happy Christmas, maybe over a nice dinner, being able to arrange to see relatives, even if only to say hello.
Then I remind myself that Christmas is the most nostalgic time of the year, that this is the first time we spend Christmas here, and that we are not the first and probably won’t be the last to be homesick.

And so Merry Christmas to you all, but a special thought goes to the emigrants who will spend Christmas far away from their loved ones, friends, and familiar places. I wish them that this year will be the year to create new wonderful memories of their new country and a place dear to their hearts.

Christmas tree

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