One of the reasons that led me to choose London over other cities was also the fact that homosexuals here can contract regular civil marriage.
I am in favor of both marriage and adoption by homosexual couples, for a very simple reason: for me, all citizens must have equal duties and equal rights.
The article of the Constitution that I know best and that I have always fully shared is number 3:
All citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinions, personal and social conditions.

It is the task of the Republic to remove the economic and social obstacles which, by limiting the freedom and equality of citizens, prevent the full development of the human person and the effective participation of all workers in political, economic organization. and social life of the country.
In fact until now the Italian Republic has failed to the principles of its own Constitution *.
And sincerely, since it was about making a choice of life, I consciously chose a country where instead this principle was respected.
What I did not expect, even if I had guessed it, is how civil and simple the rules that generally govern marriage, and any other kind of union.
I was particularly curious, because of an article that talked about it, to see how marriage was regulated in the case of a European immigrant, and what I discovered is that in order to get married in Italy from residents abroad you have to do publications at the consulate at least 6 months before, to do so in England 28 days, which is the same time valid for British citizens.
I do not want to know why of the six months passing from the consulate, but wanting to get married, it is obvious what is the simplest choice.

* it’s very bad to say it, but it’s like that, it’s useless to go around it. The civil unions promised lately are not at all helpful: as long as they can not marry everyone, as far as I am concerned there will be no real equality.