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July 2015

Signs of civilization / 3

29 July 2015

For various reasons, I was also curious to understand the rules governing adoption. Here are the general principles: 1) Given that the adopter must not be under the age of 21, there is no age limit (in Italy, the age difference between the spouses and the adopted adoptee must be...

Signs of civilization / 2

28 July 2015

One of the reasons that led me to choose London over other cities was also the fact that homosexuals here can contract regular civil marriage. I am in favor of both marriage and adoption by homosexual couples, for a very simple reason: for me, all citizens must have equal duties...

Track 4

27 July 2015

Due to the underground strike that took place between the 8th and 9th of July, which lasted from six on the 8th and for the whole day of the 9th *, I had to use the train, which for the journey I have to do is the best choice (buses...

Signs of civilization

25 July 2015

With this post I want to inaugurate a new category of this blog: the signs of civilization, or rather rules, rules and practical considerations that make life here in England more livable and easier. they follow on Facebook, who have already seen these notes, but it seemed interesting to make...

Where were we

24 July 2015

Still on the subject of the never-ending lawsuit against my former employer, on April 30, 2014 we filed a counter-appeal in the Supreme Court. Today the lawyers sent us the provision for setting the hearing, which will be on October 20, 2015. It took only a year and three months...