I have gathered here some considerations scattered on the job, or at least on what I have experienced in person and on which I have fairly reliable news.

1) It would seem that it is not at all easy to dismiss a permanent worker (our indeterminate time) for reasons linked to the job itself, for example if the employee does not do his job and / or causes damage to the company.

It seems that, as in Italy, before dismissing someone, it takes oral calls, writings, etc., and that companies are unwilling to put themselves in the hands of lawyers for this kind of causes. If instead the company has economic difficulties and wants to cut costs it can do it quite easily.

2) The working time, at least for me and my half, provides less hours of our (considering that we both work in IT): 9 / 17.30 for me, 8.45 / 17 for him, with an hour of lunch break. The way to work is basically relaxed, and, net of deadlines or emergencies, when the time comes out people drop the pen and go (to drink a pint in a pub, but that’s another story) .

3) There are obviously no national contracts, and therefore the contract is personal and includes all the rules and rules. Both my sweetheart and I have three months of probation, during which we are not paid vacation and sickness, after which we have two months’ notice. From what I understand, despite all the contracts are quite standard by sector, despite the absence of a national contract.

4) There are a lot of rules at work that are served in a convenient Welcome Book. Clothing is basically formal, apart from the Casual Friday break, you can not use your personal mobile phone in the office, you can not use headphones to listen to music, in general the offices are very quiet. In my case I finally have a wonderful block on Internet surfing, but I have the impression that if I worked for a company that does development things would be different (here we work a hundred people or more, and apart from me and two others all the others are not IT).

It is not the best of all possible worlds, of course, but I sincerely appreciate the fact that I do not have to make a collage between the national contract and my personal contract to understand my rights and my duties, to begin with, having clear the rules internal, but above all reduced hours and general relaxation.

Then they too are messy and confusing, put pieces and do not know what they do, but I’ll tell this in another post.