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December 2014

Happy New Year

31 December 2014

The year is about to end, and I confess: I don’t feel ready. This 2014 has had its ups and downs, but it has been a different year from all the others, in many respects. It was the year I realized how much I love London, and why. The year...

Still on the high seas

19 December 2014

Christmas is approaching, and the number of things done does not increase, on the contrary, perhaps the things to do are increasing. But I managed to freshen up this place, it’s still not what I would like but luckily changing is quite simple. Fatigue has now reached the level of...

Soon, which is late

08 December 2014

For about two months now, I have had a list of five things to do that I can’t possibly do. Two months in which I should have found the time, time has passed and that list remains there. I started a couple of things, but there is still a lot...

New year, new life

01 December 2014

We are not the first, we will not be the last. We are part of a sad statistic of people who, for many different reasons, decided it was time to leave the country where they were born and raised to seek a new life abroad. Many, like us, decided they...