We are not the first, we will not be the last ones.

We are part of a sad statistic of people who, for many different reasons, have decided that it was time to leave the country where they were born and raised to seek new life abroad.

Many, like us, have decided that they wanted this new life in a country, England, and a specific city, London, and they started from a country, Italy, and from a specific city, Milan, just like us.

Two months ago, after thinking about it for almost a year, we decided and gave the house a cancellation. An almost symbolic gesture, to force us to leave, despite the terror of all the unknowns that will follow.

These posts want to be a bit ‘the chronicle of this decision, even before leaving, to help those who would take this path, who has already taken but does not know how and what to do, and who instead took it a while ago and will have fun reading an experience maybe similar, maybe completely different from his.

All this to say one thing: in January we go to live in London.

And we are terrified and wonderfully euphoric.
They said I’d better take anything they’d got

Do you want to make tea at the BBC?

Do you want to be, do you really want to be, to cop?