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#330 - Yay, I can eat

After two and a half days of fasting, yesterday’s orzo seemed like the best thing in the world (to be fair, the broth was great, shame about the orzo, which looked like glue), and today, hallelujah, they’re going to make me eat more or less normally. With the hunger I have today, I would even devour a buffalo.
The great thing about this morning is that along with one of the trombones from the other day, the angel from the emergency room came by, who, as usual, was very kind, and I must say I was delighted.
My health continues to improve, I would have hoped to get out before the weekend, but I don’t think that will happen. I’m also left alone in the room, at least for now, but in theory, from what I understand, no one should be coming.
In all, at this point, I can say it: I got away with it.
And if nothing serious has happened to me so far, I owe it to two excellent professionals.


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