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#282 - An almost complete make-up

Warning: this article was written over 9 years ago, some information may be out of date.

I finally got the chance and inspiration to test some of the products I have taken in the last period.
In particular, I made a mess of mine for eyeshadow: on the mobile eyelid, I put Kiko’s Color-Up Long Lasting Eyeshadow, a long-lasting eyeshadow pencil, in the colour 8 Sinuous shell, and just above, blending it with the pencil and adding a little product at a time, e.l.f.’s Primer Eyeshadow, colour Coco Loco.
I must say that the result is good, as they are both long-lasting and remained intact despite the heat, and with my beloved Beauty Farm, I had no problem removing them, which I did not expect. On the lips, I tried a lipstick that pleasantly surprised me: a Youngblood lipstick in colour Mystere. While eye shadows probably have a dreadful INCI, this lipstick has a decidedly good one, and despite this, it lasted 4 hours, not as perfect as when it was first put on, but acceptable. This particular colour has some glitter inside, leaves the lips soft and lasts a long time. I highly recommend it.
Finally, on the cheeks, forehead and a little bit on the chin, I used Deborah’s Hi-Tech Terra in the colour 02 Pearly Rose, which I got at a super discount at the flagship shop. It’s a baked, crumbly, non-shimmer bronzer that holds well throughout the day; I like the colour as it gives me a minimum healthy look.
About the black mascara and the eyebrow gel, maybe I’ll talk about them separately, which are products I usually use.


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