Having time available, you can do things that you usually would not do because you think they would take away your time and patience. Then you are armed with all the patience you have and decide to take the big step, breathing deeply, with the mantra in mind: I do not have to get angry.
In this case the operation to do was: I have been using the same SIM for more than ten years, maybe it’s time to change it. I do not discuss the 10 euro credit that you take away, rather it worries me to stay without any phone number indefinitely.
I go to the store, I ask for the change, they make me sign two, he says: in a quarter of an hour he can insert it. I am now wary of nature I do not really believe it, but after 15 minutes I put it in my cell phone and turn it on. And it works.
Yes, more than ten years I have the same operator, it is not laziness but only so far I have never had a problem, the rates more or less all resemble each other and I have always had a flat (I’m not interested in things like : the more you receive the more you charge, 200 minutes a month of free phone calls, but always know exactly how much I spend, without convolutions, and to have a fixed charge for the connection, they are easy tastes, in short). Needless to say what an operator I’m talking about, because honestly it goes very well to luck, not to the general quality of the operator.
However, my cell phone is happier now, reception has improved, and I have not ruined my liver.