Having so much time available is putting me in crisis, in the sense that I would have many things to do, but none is urgent and none is indispensable; and therefore, as happens also in the best families, the tendency is to do nothing.
Thinking of the title for this post, I was reminded of the Polygen, and in particular the grammar of payoffs to Microsoft (“Where do you want to go today?”), And then I started to cover all the grammars, and then, of course, to waste time.
Then luckily the voice of conscience made itself felt, and I managed to go back to writing this post.
Maybe I should make a list of things to do, but I have the impression that making the list is just another way to waste time. We will see who will win: if my desire to do nothing, or my conscience. In my opinion there will be a tie, so, in the nose.