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#269 - (don't use) Moves

A pedometer app, which you don’t have to activate but is always on, also tells you if you were cycling or running, how many kilometres you have covered, what your best day was, and where you have been.
I used Endomondo for a while, but then I would forget to activate it when I went out, so when I discovered this app, I abandoned it, even though, unlike Moves, it also tells you the number of calories consumed.
What’s the point? To work out how much you move in a day, regardless of whether you are doing sport. Let’s say it’s perfect for those who, like me, are not a sportsman, are not on a diet, but still want to understand how many kilometres they do (and, more importantly, don’t do) on foot.
I have found that I do, on average, a lot more than I thought.

*Important update*

After reading this, I uninstalled the app and deleted the profile.
Kudos to Facebook for being able to ruin everything they get their hands on.


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