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#247 - PayPal Prepaid: Lottomatica, you're doing it wrong

Today I happened to see the PayPal prepaid on sale at Feltrinelli RED. Since I have a credit card but don’t have a prepaid one and always like to use PayPal for online payment, I decided to buy it.
I didn’t realise that, of course, there was an activation to be done (and the forms to be filled out online are not exactly well done like you can’t scroll through them quickly with the tab) and a contract to be signed sent in.
The problem, or rather, the surprise, came after I had finished filling out the online forms on the confirmation page (bold mine, the quote is literal):

To complete the application process you will have to

  • print and sign the contract in the spaces provided (please note that four signatures and the date of signature are required)
  • prepare a front/back photocopy of the valid Italian-issued identity document entered during online contracting
  • prepare a front/back copy of an additional valid identity document issued in Italy (e.g. identity card, driving licence, passport or residence permit)

The confirmation email also states:

  • prepare a double-sided copy of your tax code card or health card

Three documents are requested together with the signed contract.
Now, I’m OK with everything, but if I hadn’t recently got my passport, I wouldn’t have been able to activate the card. To take it for granted, where the law says that you must have one and only one valid identity document, that you have a driving licence or a passport, is at least, in my humble opinion, a form of discrimination.
Incidentally, if I did not have a passport, who knows if I could have asked for a refund of the card?
I don’t know what the reason is for this baroque procedure, but honestly, since then (I quote again from the email)

We also remind you that, once you have received your card, you must make a transfer as a top-up of at least 10 Euro before using it

doesn’t the additional form of identity confirmation also come from the current account?
Honestly, I am somewhat puzzled. I only went ahead with the procedure because it is permissible to send all documentation by email, even though the document you send cannot exceed 1.5 Mb.
If they should give me any trouble with activation, given the premises, I will keep the card as a souvenir and make another one.

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