As I already understood, the lawyer confirmed to me that the appeal to have even the last salary was not feasible, since there are no terms to do so. And I made a reason for it.
Yesterday I went to the bank that had indicated to me the INPS with identity card, tax code and IBAN, to make me credited with the famous TFR.
To begin with, I was told that I was lucky, because there is usually a queue outside (which, with a calculation spannometrico, means that there are at least 30/35 people). Then my eye fell on the closet in which the folders were kept for practices similar to mine, and the kind, well-trained person who was handling my practice explained to me that these were only current practices, that those they were already filing in place.
Those practices refer only to credits from work, if I have not misunderstood, and we are talking about hundreds and hundreds of folders. I have also seen the box with those just arrived: no comment, because it seems clear enough to me.
The swift lady then dismissed me by telling me: tomorrow has it in mind.
And indeed it was.
After four years and three months, I finally saw what was up to me, and in any case not everything.
What remains is the case in Cassation, but it will not be a quick thing.
In all this, I go back to ask where exactly the famous protections of permanent contracts would be, since to get this result I had to spend time and money, and eat anger, and in any case not review all that I had.
But I have no desire to make controversy of this kind, and then I stop here.