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#244 - July, with the love I have for you

I am very grateful to Milan for these days of mild, non-sweltering temperatures.
All right, there are also the furious storms that make the Seveso flood, but the privilege of having cool mornings and evenings when I have to use a blanket to sleep is priceless.
Every day I think: that’s it, today it’s going to be sultry, and you’ll be living in a bubble of water without breathing until mid-August, but fortunately not yet.
I don’t mind high temperatures, but not in the city and not with 99% humidity. Kind of like how I can’t stand snow in the city, which turns into black mush in zero time and then almost immediately to ice, where you slide around amiably on your way to work.
Please give me only mild temperatures in the city, which I am happier with.


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