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#223 - Orphan Black

Today we talk about clones, how it is possible for one actress, Tatiana Maslany, to play up to 12 different characters in a masterful way, and how she has won and been nominated for many awards.
This series began on 30 March 2013, broadcast by BBC America and Space in Canada, filmed in Canada, and has two seasons to its credit; the second will end on 21 June.
The story begins with a woman who sees another woman, who looks exactly like her, take her own life by throwing herself under a train. She manages to get her identity by taking away her purse, and from here begins her adventure, where she meets her clones and discovers over time who created them and why.
The great thing about the series, apart from the theme, which in my opinion is treated excitingly, and the transformism of the leading actress, is how the plot is developed, with the protagonist’s daughter actually at the centre of it all.
Often funny, certainly intricate, one of the few sci-fi series to be original and very good.


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